Dr David Beecher has been practicing Optometry for 35 years. He is a graduate of Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, IL and Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI. He has managed successful practices in Livonia, MI; Reno, NV; and Florence, SC. He is now building a thriving eye care practice in South Charleston, WV

The son of an Optometrist himself, Dr Beecher has been familiar with eye care from a young age. His father, Dr Lawrence Beecher, was a pioneer/ innovator in contact lens technology and was the owner of Custom Laboratories, Inc in Redford, Mi. At age fourteen, Dr Beecher started manufacturing rigid contact lenses in the early 1970’s. That knowledge has been a big asset over his 35 year career in providing contact lens services to his patients. Now he takes his skills to the highest level in providing “speciality” contact lenses to people with traumatic corneal injuries and corneal pathologies. “My staff and I take great pride and pleasure in providing the sight restoring and sight saving services our speciality lenses provide. It is often a challenge but the rewards are great. I’m certain it is the single most rewarding service I have performed in my 35-plus year career in eye care…”